DIGITRANS WORKSHOP 2nd of June 2018, Sofia


2nd of June 2018, Sofia


The first DIGITRANS workshop for Business Model Digital Transformation will be held on 2nd of June 2018 in Sofia.


Join us to get first-hand experience on key instruments and tools for Digital transformation:

  • How to analyse the starting situation of the company in a targeted manner,
  • How to define the needs of end-customers and users,
  • How to develop customer-oriented digital ideas,
  • How to create a first digital business model concept using the Business Model Canvas and transfer it to a prototype and test it,
  • How to use story-telling tools and methods for design-thinking and digital prototyping;
  • How to develop a roadmap for the next steps.


All trainees will have the opportunity to work with case studies, practical methods and on-line learning materials developed by DIGITRANS partnership.

Where:                                                                                                               When:

Sofia, Tzarigradsko Schausse 125,                                                            2nd of June 2018           

bl.2 fl.3 CIST FMI SU                                                                                      10:00 – 17:00


Confirm your participation at: a_antonovaatfmi [dot] uni-sofia [dot] bg