ELITe aims to provide digital professional learning opportunities for secondary teachers’ competence development. The project wants to develop, deploy, evaluate and disseminate an innovative approach for teachers’ professional learning via inquiry methodology.

The overall goal of the ELITe Strategic Partnership is to support teachers’ professional learning for competence development, targeting specifically in-service educators in the STEM domain.

It seeks to address the following objectives:

  • To deepen understandings on the requirements for STEM teachers competence development at national levels, as conceptualized and expressed by policy makers, policy mediators and practitioners;
  • To develop, deploy and evaluate the effectiveness of an innovative methodology for STEM teachers’ flexible and reflective professional learning for competence development;
  • To support the uptake of the proposed innovative professional learning methodology by teacher training curriculum stakeholders, for better alignment of policy envisions relating STEM education to actual practice.

The outcomes of the project will be the development of an evidence-based framework for teacher’s competence development that can inform curriculum design for secondary teachers’ continuous professional development.


September, 2016 to August, 2017