SAFER: Safe and legAl alternatives for Pakistani potEntial migrants and migrants on the Route


The SAFER project aims at designing and implementing an information and awareness campaign on the risks of irregular migration in Pakistan. The proposed campaign intends to contribute to a change in the perception and behaviour of the Pakistani population about the idea of irregularly migrating to Europe. To achieve this, it seeks to provide reliable, factual, balanced information not only on the dangers which migrants may incur during the journey and after arrival, but especially on legal alternatives of migration and available economic opportunities in the home country.


  1. Contribute to changing social perception and behaviour among potential migrants of irregular migration.
  2. Design and implement an information and awareness campaign on the risks and alternatives to irregular migration.
  3. Create a web platform to provide useful information and protection to migrants on the route.
  4. Implement 30 community events and 15 outreach awareness sessions


  1. Overall lack of clarity in delineating behaviours associated with irregular migration flows.

Potential migrants often encounter misleading information provided by smugglers and unreliable agents, leading to a shortage of reliable information on the dangers of irregular migration to the EU.

  1. Widespread misperception of costs related to legal pathways.

There is a prevalent perception that legal pathways for migration are economically expensive and time-consuming.

  1. Ineffectiveness of negative awareness-raising campaigns.

Awareness campaigns that exclusively highlight the negative aspects of migration often prove to be ineffective.

  1. Recurrent lack of information and support for migrants on the route.

Migrants on the route often lack access to useful information that could help mitigate the risks and harms associated with migration from Pakistan to Europe.



May, 2023 to April, 2025

Project coordinator: 

European Research Institute Foundation (ERI)