The project purpose is easy, rich and deep communication among the energy sector stakeholders and residential energy consumers that will allow them to:

  • discover each other and their needs
  • educate themselves towards a better understanding of the difficulties and the challenges that each one faces
  • interact and trade with each other especially in the form of demand response energy programs.

All these will lead to a more energy efficient and finally free from energy dependencies, environmentally friendly society.

Project objectives are:

  • Apply and evolve recent incentive technologies (localized social externalities) towards effective use of behavioral economics in energy efficiency and demand response
  • Develop SOCIALENERGY virtual world by transferring gaming technologies into the energy efficiency sector, so as to educate and incentivize utility customers organized in ECs towards understanding and adopting modern DR programs, such as price-based demand response (PB-DR).
  • Develop SOCIALENERGY real world by engaging the users via advanced gamification techniques towards self-organization and management of ECs and efficient interaction with SOCIALENERGY’s commercial activities.
  • Provide a single point of hosting and advertisement services to energy consumers, energy communities, utilities and companies related to energy efficiency products and services via the development of context-aware recommendation algorithms.
  • Perform small scale and diverse experiments that involve: i) real users, ii) utilities, iii) companies active in energy efficiency products and services in order to: a) validate the concept of SOCIALENERGY, b) evolve its technologies, c) trigger its adoption from these markets.
  • Offer Energy Information Distribution as a Service (EIDaaS) to multiple stakeholders and commercialize information related with energy efficiency

Project value: 


EU contribution: 



January, 2017 to June, 2019

Project coordinator: 

Institute of Communication & Computer Systems "ICCS", Athens