Towards a new model of Teachers' Professional Competence Development on Climate Change (ClimaTePD)

ClimaTePD aims at: (1) the creation of an open access online platform for in-service teachers’ training; (2) the development of a Guideline Handbook for teachers' good practices on climate change education; (3) the development of a digital repository on climate change education consisting of digital scenarios and other educational activities and resources and; (4)the development of a set of policy proposals related to policy and curricula design.
The project will be divided into 4 phases: (1) Preparation: investigating, analysing and mapping the state of affairs regarding the dimensions of climate change education and digital skills into secondary teachers professional development schemes (TPD); (2) Development: developing the project’s learning material in the context of secondary teachers’ training activities via IBL and gamification principles for their TPD on climate change education and digital teaching methods; (3) Deployment and Evaluation: implementation and the evaluation of the project’s training activities for climate change education and digital skills via IBL and gamification, with the participation of 250 in-service teachers; (4) Exploitation and Dissemination: organisation of events in each one of the consortium countries in order to facilitate the visibility of the project and the circulation of the project outcomes.

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April, 2021 to March, 2023

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Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)