The project focuses on people with ASD and is articulated around 3 axes: intervention, education and inclusion in the labor market. Lifelong learning includes training for access to the labor market and lifelong learning. The context of intervention takes into account local approaches with a global and international perspective that allows the transfer of good practices, innovative experiences and open educational resources, which are addressed to both ASDs, professionals working with them as well as potential employers.

The project objectives are to:

  • Train people with ASD to join the labor market.
  • Contribute to a methodology of inclusion of people with ASD in the labor market.
  • Facilitate a positive working environment for the ASD people training and also for employers, managers.
  • Guide the companies for the recruitment of people with ASD and facilitate the adaptation to the jobs.

Target Groups

  • People with ASD
  • Experts and professionals who work with People with ASD in the different partner countries.
  • Professionals working with ASD, employers, technicians and experts on labor inclusion issues.

Expected Results

  • Provide recommendations for the correct recruitment of people with ASD to prevent the abuse. The project pretends to produce materials for assisting the labour market to facilitate not only the socio-labour inclusion of people with ASD but mainly the sustainability of their jobs.
  • Help to create an appropriate environment and good treatment for people with ASD at work.
  • Carry out a map of territorial networks between related community organizations to make possible the application of the results and the inclusion of people with ASD in the regular labour market and the sustainability of that work. To achieve these results, O3 will be developed, a set of open source resources for the labour inclusion of ASD people, carrying out the following activities:
  • O3.1. Development of a guide of recommendations for companies in order to hire people with ASD and so prevent the abuse.
  • O3.2. Development of a good practices guide for companies to create an adequate environment and to promote good treatment of people with ASD at work (including videos*).
  • O3.3. Development of a guide to territorial networks between related community organizations in an interactive map format.
  • The recording of the training activities will be the basis for videos* on the use of the CPT method for the conflict resolution in the educational and labour field with the ASD collective.
  • Introduce the CPT (Cultural Pedagogical Theatre) method and its applications in educational groups and in special difficult situations. To this purpose, joint training activities will be carried out in the four partner countries (ES, BG, IT and UK) and will train the participants to present the method to a specialized public (teachers, educators, social and health professionals of the sector) and to know how the method is applied in three phases: "IFT" Interactive Form Theatre, "IDT" Interactive Design Theatre and "ISW" Interactive Script Writing.
  • Disseminate the products and results of the project at European level by all those involved in the intervention with ASD people, representatives of socio-educational services, occupational training and free and legal inclusion for employers sensitive to the labour market inclusion of disadvantaged groups. For this, 2 multiplier events will be developed in Spain and Italy to present the intellectual output. It will also take advantage of training activities to briefly present the project, its objectives, products and results.

CIST Presentation at "Challenges and Approaches in Informatics and IT Training" Seminar, 15-17 December 2017

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October, 2017 to September, 2019

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